Baby Immersion Classes

Would you like your child to develop true bilingualism? We recommend that you start early on...


Our language immersion sessions for babies are suitable for French or German speaking families with babies aged 0-3 years. In a German or French setting, we spend time with our babies, have coffee and cake, chat and learn nursery rhymes and songs in the immersion language. Our school has lots of German and French books, videos and toys, which can be used during the sessions.


The sessions are held in the immersion language (German or French) and parents are expected to use the immersion language during the sessions. Parents with limited knowledge of German or French can get taught informally by one of our teachers, whereby the aim is to help them speak with their babies in German or French.


Starting at 9:30, these morning sessions last 2.5 hours.  Coffee, tea and cake will be provided by the school.


Price per session: GBP 35.00


Starting at the end of September.


There will be no more than five parent-baby teams per session so that we can practice social distancing.


Depending on demand, we will run sessions on the following days:


Mondays, 9.30 (starting 28 September): German

Thursdays, 9.30 (starting 1 October):       German

Fridays, 9.30 (starting 2 October):              French


If you would like to join on a different day, please contact us and we will see if we can add an additional session.










We are located at:

22a Great King Street



Tel: 07943640628

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