French classes in Edinburgh

For non-native speakers to learn French it is essential that they gain a good understanding of grammar right from the start and that they persist in their continuous effort to revise grammatical structures throughout their learning process. We will help you with it!


French lessons for professionals


After a number of initial classes to help you get a foundation in French, we can tailor your French lessons to your specific needs, focusing on business French or the specific French spoken in your field.


Prices   per student
Private French classes (60 mins) GBP   30.00
Small groups (2 or 3 students, 60 mins) GBP   20.00
Intensive course (30 lessons, 2 weeks) GBP 800.00




French for kids (children aged 4-12)


In a small group, we will explore the world in French, using toys and colours, playing games and learning French songs. Your child will have a lot to tell you after each lesson.


Prices   per child
Children's French (60 mins) GBP    10.00

(This class only takes place if there is a minimum of 2 children.)


French conversation groups


Would you like to brush up your French skills by taking part in a French conversation class? We run weekly French conversation classes in our school in Edinburgh's New Town. Join us for coffee and cake and some conversation in French in an informal setting. Our French teachers will prepare a topic, animate the conversations and point you to areas in which you can improve your French skills.



Prices   per student
French conversation class (60 mins) GBP    8.50

(The class itself lasts 60 minutes, but feel free to stay on for more coffee and cake and to keep on chatting with other French learners.)



French tuition for students


Whether you study for your French Highers, a National Qualification in French or a French language certificate, we can help you. We will tailor our French classes to your specific requirements.

Prices   per student
Private French tuition (60 mins) GBP   25.00
French tuition in small groups (2 or 3 students, 60 mins) GBP   16.00




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