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NEWS: Following covid and maternity leave we are back at a higher capacity. Please check out our new "German Language Fun for Toddles and Preschoolers" sessions!


The Universe of Language is a language school in Edinburgh’s New Town. Whether you’re a professional who needs to travel to Italy, Germany, France or Spain, a student who has to sit their French or German Highers or a language enthusiast who wants to make conversation in German, French, Italian or Spanish – we’re able to help you. We provide language tuition to individuals or small classes from beginner to highly advanced levels.


However, we’re more than just a language school: after all, we’re The Universe of Language. When you start studying with us, you will discover galaxies of linguistic gems, you will explore entirely new worlds of linguistic expression and your understanding of your language of choice will become deeper and deeper, as you venture further and further into the fascinating universe your language represents.


Besides German, French, Italian and Spanish classes, we offer English classes for non-native speakers of English (EFL), English grammar classes for native speakers, linguistics classes as well as Edinburgh walking tours in German, French and Spanish.



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Planet German

For more information about German lessons in Edinburgh, German Highers and Edinburgh city tours in German, press this button.

Planet French

For more information about French lessons in Edinburgh, French Highers and Edinburgh city tours in French, press this button.



Planet English

For more information about English lessons, grammar and linguistics classes in Edinburgh and Edinburgh city tours, press this button.

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